Tales from Tawnlandia

Last Courtesan of Olympus Prologue: Ascension

May 03, 2023 Amanda Meuwissen Season 1 Episode 1
Tales from Tawnlandia
Last Courtesan of Olympus Prologue: Ascension
Tales from Tawnlandia After Dark
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Show Notes

Aikos is the best at what he does, the most beautiful, most skilled-and he knows it. On the cusp of his ascension from acolyte of Aphrodite to courtesan, where he'll be chosen first by one of the high priests, he relaxes in preparation with his fellow acolyte and friend Dax. But at the time of ascension, Aikos' pride at being the most desired and worthy may prove truer than he realized when he catches the attention of the gods.

Join the author’s Facebook group, Amanda Meuwissen Books, for sneak peeks of each chapter as its written, starting with the re-release of the prologue in April 2023, and then each chapter to follow one week apart from there, leading to the preorder and official release of the compiled eBook and paperback planned for August. There will
be the prologue, nine chapters, and an epilogue, but to read the last chapter and epilogue, you will need to purchase the book, which will also be on Kindle Unlimited.

While the prologue and first few chapters will be free, the remainder of the podcast will be released as premium content only available in its entirety to subscribers (monthly plans start at $5) and then compiled and released as an audiobook available on Audible.

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